UNOA Legends of Law Enforcement

Honoring the Heroes: UNOA's Tribute to the Defenders of Utah

The UNOA Legends of Law Enforcement webpage symbolizes our heartfelt recognition of the unwavering dedication exhibited by these brave inductees, in safeguarding our beloved Utah communities against the relentless tide of illicit drug importation and distribution.

Preserving Legacies: UNOA Legends of Law Enforcement Award

In 2021, the UNOA Board initiated this site as a special tribute, forever enshrining the indelible contributions of these members who have since passed but left an indomitable mark on our mission to serve the citizens of Utah through their exemplary careers in narcotic enforcement.

Immortalizing Excellence: UNOA Legends and Their Contributions

These extraordinary individuals have been awarded the prestigious "UNOA Legends of Law Enforcement Award," a distinction that not only immortalizes their legacy but also serves as an enduring testament to their extraordinary service. To learn more about each Legend's remarkable journey and their significant contributions, please click on their respective portraits below.

Remembrance at the Annual Awards Banquet

At each annual UNOA training conference, at the commencement of awards banquet, a commemorative table is placed and recognized as a poignant reminder of the cherished comrades we have lost along the way—those who selflessly gave their all in the line of duty.

Honoring Our Fallen Comrades

Recognition of this place of honor and reverence is accompanied with a heartfelt tribute to our fallen comrades, which is reverently read aloud before the commencement of the awards program, allowing us to remember and honor those who will forever remain in our hearts.  To read this solemn tribute, kindly click on the table photo.