Scholarship Application

UNOA is pleased to offer to members and their immediate families the opportunity to receive a post-high school scholarship award, upon completion and an approval of an application in accordance with the UNOA Scholarship Rules outlined below.  Applications forms are available on the UNOA website.  Numbers of scholarships awarded may vary from year to year, contingent upon funding, and the UNOA scholarship review committee and/or UNOA Board of Directors reserves the right to final approval of all eligible applicants.  Eligible applicants are considered annually, but preference will be given to any approved applicant who has not previously received an award.  The maximum amount awarded each year is $1000.
To qualify for a UNOA Scholarship award, the applicant must meet the minimum criteria as outlined below.  To qualify, each applicant must:
  • Be sponsored by a current, active member in good standing of the Utah Narcotic Officers Association, who is identified in the Application.
  • Be an immediate family member of a current UNOA member in good standing.
  • “Immediate family member” includes current spouse, child, or grandchild.  It also includes step-children or step-grandchildren of current marriage.  Step-children of a former, now dissolved marriage are also eligible, but step-grandchildren of a former, now dissolved marriage are not eligible
  • Complete all sections of the UNOA Scholarship Application Form and submit the completed applications which must be received by UNOA prior to midnight June 30 of each calendar year. Applications delivered by US Mail or all other ground delivery service shall be postmarked or dated not later than June 25.  APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE OF JUNE 30 WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
Awards will be announced prior to the dates of the UNOA annual training conference, and funds will be delivered within a reasonable time after the conference.
download UNOA Scholarship Application