We are excited to present a Virtual Conference for 2020. The training has approximately 9 hours of POST certified training. In order to have access to this training you must become a member first. Becoming a member will cost $30.00. This is a secure site and available to Law Enforcement only. We have worked out issues and we hope all will benefit from this training. We also look forward to presenting more training in a virtual format in the future. We will also send out a UNOA 2020 challenge coin as part of becoming a member of UNOA this year. Once you have been approved as a member you will then just click on watch training in order to access the virtual conference. If you want to purchase additional challenge coins you can do that through the site at a cost of $10.00 each. This training has numerous classes and there is a link to each of those. As you finish each training class UNOA will be notified, and we will be able to send a training certificate for the hours completed which is POST Certified.